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Glass bottles for filling by Euroglas, the glass wholesale specialist.

Glass is a natural product: Already 5000 years ago, people produced glass by mixing calcareous sand and soda and heating the mixture in a furnace – glass has become widely accepted as a sustainable, robust and attractive material and is used in many different branches. Winemakers, breweries and distilleries, butchers and beekeepers prefer glass bottles and jars for their goods. And packaging glass is also a popular choice for preserves, as it can withstand high temperatures. Sealed airtight, preserved fruits and vegetables, meats and sauces remain shelf-stable in jars for a long time.

EUROGLAS produces glass bottles, glass packaging products as well as matching closures and is your expert when it comes to glass wholesale. As a value-added service provider, we supply you with bottles for filling, create individual glass bottles according to your requirements and, if you wish, take over your entire packaging project. From design to filling all the way to delivery, we support you at every step of the way in the product development of a glass packaging and are happy to advise you as a service provider with added value. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!

Wide range of standard products: Empty glass bottles in all different colors & shapes

Our range of standard products includes commonly used bottles for juice, sparkling wine, spirits, beer, wine, water, vinegar and oil in different sizes. Small glass bottles with swing top, 1.5 liter glass bottles with screw top, wine bottles with cork or liquor bottles with plug: Using the filter function and our product categories, you can easily and quickly find the right glass bottles for your purposes.

Glass bottles with a capacity of 1.5 L, 1 L, 500 ml or 330 ml are particularly suitable as juice bottles, water bottles or for soft drinks. We offer bottles for filling wine or liqueur as well as schnapps bottles with a capacity of 350 ml or 200 ml. Small pocket bottles for spirits with a filling capacity of 100 ml are also part of our standard portfolio. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of bottle shapes: Round or angular glass bottles, slim long-neck bottles or bulbous wide-neck bottles are available in the classic glass colors antique, white or verdone. Each glass bottle has its own style, tells its own story and greatly enhances the value of your product.

Glass bottles
with swing top

Find out more about our glass bottles with swing top, available in different sizes and designs.

Schnapps bottles

To sell a good schnapps you need the right schnapps bottle. The packaging turns a high percentage drink into a classy spirit that your customers can bring to friends, enjoy together or present as a special gift. Discover our schnapps bottles.

Water bottles

We offer a wide variety of water bottles in different sizes and for different filling quantities. At EUROGLAS, you will find the right glass packaging solution for your needs.

Wine bottles

As one of the oldest culinary treasures of mankind, every wine deserves a high-quality wine bottle that perfectly showcases the color, character and nuance of the wine. Red wine, white wine, dry or sweet, from the Rhine or from Bordeaux – at EUROGLAS you will find the right bottle that conveys the personality of the wine to your customers at first sight.

Liqueur bottles

There are also no limits in terms of creativity when it comes to choosing a liqueur bottle. It’s no coincidence that Pfeffi, Kirschlikör and Co. have become iconic. It’s all in the bottle! Discover our sparkling wine bottles.

Beer bottles

Kölsch, Helles, Pils or Craft Beer: There is hardly any other alcoholic beverage as diverse as beer. With the right beer bottle, your brewery’s brewed gold gets the attention it deserves.

You would like your product to be even more unique?

At EUROGLAS we produce glass bottles as individual items according to your specific requirements. We base our work on your designs or develop a design that suits your company and your product. Bottle shape, bottle color, closure, finishing, label and crate together result in an unprecedented concept with glass bottles that skillfully showcase your product.

This is what makes Euroglas your first port of call when it comes to glass bottles:

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