EUROGLAS beverage crates

EUROGLAS beverage crates

As bottle wholesale expert, EUROGLAS is your first point of contact for all matters related to bottles and glass packaging products. We also equip you with the right bottle crates for your product. You can choose from our standard product range or have customized beverage crates made according to your requirements.

11 bottles you shall be: Beverage crates for beer

Beer bottles deserve to be placed in a matching crate. This not only makes transport and storage easier, the crate also serves as a recognition feature and enhances the value of your product. In a beverage store, customers can quickly and easily identify the beer crate and product they are looking for thanks to an eye-catching color or label. An attractive beverage crate is also an additional selling point. Potential customers become aware of your product – a high-quality bottle crate with an attractive design indicates a quality content. Trust us as experts in bottle wholesale. Swing-top bottle, Steinie, longneck or your individual bottle shape: We have the right bottle crate for your product.

Very popular in the restaurant business: Bottle crates with handles, which can be split and are thus easier to carry. Contact us and tell us about your wishes and ideas, together we will design your very own beverage crates – unique, innovative or simply extraordinary.

Beverage crates

A crate for every bottle! Our standard product range for beer crates already has a lot going for it. But if you can’t find the right crate for your product here, we can produce a customized crate according to your wishes and requirements.

Water crates

To add a personalized touch and to ensure a high level of brand recognition for your water bottles, it is absolutely essential to select the most suitable water crate for your bottled water.

Buy water crates at EUROGLAS

To add a personalized touch and to ensure a high level of brand recognition for your water bottles, it is absolutely essential to select the most suitable water crate for your bottled water. After all, just as not every type of water is the same, not every water crate is the same. Different bottle sizes require different crate sizes. There is only room for a certain number of water bottles in a beverage crate for water bottles. And ultimately: The design of your water crate must be just right, too. This is where we at Euroglas come into play: As an expert in bottle wholesale, Euroglas is your number one contact when it comes to developing and producing empty water crates for your high-quality product in a joint project. Invest in your success – buy the perfect water crate for you directly from the professionals!

Buy empty beverage crates: 6 large or 24 small bottles

Soft drinks, trendy drinks and mixed drinks in small bottles can easily be accommodated in bottle crates for up to 24 bottles. With a volume of 0.25 or 0.33 liters per bottle, the bottles, contents and bottle crate add up perfectly to a pleasant size and a reasonable weight. After all, it should be possible for your beverage crates to be carried not only by the broadly built logistics employee in the wholesale trade, but also by smaller and more petite persons.

For volumes of one liter or more, we therefore recommend 6-bottle crates. Water crates and wine crates usually offer space for 6 bottles of 0.75, 1 or even 1.5 liters. There should not be more than 20 0.5 or 0.75 liter bottles in a beverage crate. As experts for all things glass, we at Euroglas can help you calculate the weight and proportions and recommend the right distribution of bottles, for the ideal beverage crate, which can be carried comfortably and stacked safely. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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